Land Buyer

Sell your land or property to Homer Property Developments

Are you potentially sitting on land with hidden development potential? Many people don’t know that some properties and land can have hidden value and equity.

We’d like to help you get the best possible price for your land, whether it be commercial or residential, while eliminating agency fees and ensuring that the process is as streamlined and smooth as possible.

Do you have a large garden that’s too big to maintain? Or an old commercial building, sat vacant and costing you monthly rates?

What are the benefits of selling your property/land to us?

  • In many cases we will can pay higher prices for your property compared to selling on the open market via traditional routes and agencies. Compared to the open market, developers can often be more flexible to meet your needs and can work with you to achieve your goals.
  • If you have an empty commercial property it could actually end up costing you money in empty property rates. We may be able to cover these payments for you and then also purchase the property after at a top price.
  • As we will be involved with the entire process, from purchasing the land through to building, you don’t have to sell to us with planning permission in place. Alongside creditable authorities, we will oversee all planning procedures for you.
  • All pre-build work and the costs involved - such as ecological surveys, building regulations and consultant fees - will be taken care of by us, giving you the freedom to continue with your daily responsibilities without interruption or added stress.

How does it work?

It takes only a few minutes to see if your land/property is right for us:

Fill in the form below and our team of experts will get cracking on a free and confidential analysis to see if your property has potential for development.

We aim to reply to queries within two working days. If your land/property is of interest, we will get in touch to discuss further opportunities.

There is absolutely no obligation to agree to sell to us at any time, but if you decide that it’s the right path for you, we are happy to work alongside you every step of the way.

Please upload any images or documents (pdf) that may assist with our evaluation.