How does this type of investment work for the client?

Our clients simply loan us their investment funds over the length of the project they are investing in, which is typically 9-18 months (usually the loan lasts 12 months). We then can either pay a fixed rate of return or a percentage of the profits. This depends on the investors situation and amount of funds invested.

After this clients can then decide if they want to invest again in a new project.

The interest amount paid is dependent on the individual project in question. However, a typical fixed rate return is 8%-10% p.a. Profit share investors are expected to to receive a much higher return on investment.

Who can invest?

These types of investments are for high net worth individuals (minimum £100,000 investment). If you can ethically secure these proven funds and we feel you're a good fit, you can then start investing in our projects right away. We are always happy for potential clients to pop in for a free no obligation consultation to discuss their requirements.

What’s my risk?

Our loans are typically borrowed and secured by a charge over the project . Therefore, investors can rest assured that not only will our funds also be vested in the projects, but we don't get paid back until to you do first. Remember, any refurbishment work, conversion work or planning secured on the sites will likely add further value to the projects. Adding planning permission alone can vastly increase the value of sites and this is something we aim to do on many of our sites. Furthermore, virtually all our finished new build properties and conversions are sold off plan before the projects are actually finished. This helps secure our GDV prices from an early stage.

The Benefits of this type of investment to you the investor:

  • With the current Bank of England interest rate at all-time lows, clients can earn much greater returns on their investment in comparison to those offered with the banks and other similar areas. (e.g. ISA’s, savings accounts etc.)
  • Clients are placing funds in a more widely familiar and tangible way by investing in property, as oppose to other investments such as stocks and shares.
  • Clients can rest, assured knowing that Homer Developments have a good track record of developing a number of similar projects.
  • The terms of each agreement can be flexible to that particular client investor, in order to meet their specific requirements and goals.
  • We work with our investors to discover their investment needs and help identify the best project for them.
  • Clients are regularly updated with the progress being made on the projects they have invested in.
  • The risks for the clients are greatly reduced as all our projects are secured under a charge over the project in question.
  • Our finished units are typically sold off plan to secure GDV prices from an early stage.
  • Our GDV’s and pricing are derived with the help and input of an array of professionals, including: the banks and their valuation professionals; estate agents; architects and planning consultants.
  • Clients and investors can potentially use their pension funds to invest in our projects. Therefore, allowing clients to access funds that would otherwise be unavailable. It also allows clients to have more control over where their pensions are invested. More information on this can be found here.

Investor Disclosure

Please note that property investments involve risks that can occur, including loss of capital, default of a borrower and lack of returns. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose. The risks involved vary by project type and it is important to understand the specific risks associated with an investment. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Projections or estimated returns are not a reliable indicator of actual future performance and eventual returns may be lower than predicted. Information presented on this website is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. If you are unsure of the suitability of property investments for you, please contact your financial advisor for professional advice.